I have a love-hate relationship with fall. I love almost everything about the season, except that it flies by so fast.

Maybe that’s because the early part still seems like late summer and the final month has all the trappings of winter.

It certainly has been warm like summer this past week, with highs in the mid-80s. The only thing that seemed like fall was some fog Wednesday morning.


The coming week starts with summer weather, but highs in the mid-60s roll in by Friday, according to the most recent forecast that includes good chances of rain mid-week.

The leaves are turning and the crops are going from green to tan, but they still have weeks to go to get dry enough for harvest.

There are Friday night football games – former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden was in the small town of Gibbon just east of Kearney last night for the Gibbon-Wood River game for a TV series about rivalries.

Apples, pumpkins and squash dominated the produce at the farmers market this morning.

But I know that too soon, November will come with its gray, damp days.

I often lump the entire month of September into my definition of fall, instead of just the final week. September always flies by because fun flies by, and the first full week of September usually is the NFPW Conference and related tours.

So, September starts with a week off from work, followed by a week with too much to do to catch up. By then, it’s half over.

The good news for Nebraska Press Women is our fall conference is next Saturday in York. What a wonderful way to kick off what I hope is a great October.

Our main presenter will be Nebraska State Poet Twyla Hansen, who will have a creative writing workshop. In the afternoon, we’ll spend time at a living history farm just south of York, which is new since I worked for the York News-Times from 1979-86.

I hope it will be a perfect fall day to enjoy being outside and with good friends.

I also hope it is the first of many perfect fall days bathed in amazing yellow light, topped by bright blue skies, and alive with all the last-minute activities of migrating birds, buzzing insects, and farmers harvesting corn and soybeans.


I keep telling myself to pause and enjoy such days before they are gone for another year. Having a camera around my neck is a good reminder.