It is a cold, windy winter day in south-central Nebraska.

I won’t complain too much because I know the small amount of snow we have here – maybe 2 to 3 inches – is nothing compared to what this storm will bring to the states to our east and all the way to the East Coast, where many people still are digging out from the feet of snow that came with the last winter storm.

The biggest problem here is wind-blown snow and some icy roads. My driveway reflected many areas around Kearney. Most of it had nothing but some ice on it, yet there was a 2-foot drift in front of my garage door, right behind my car, and a similar swirl along the sidewalk up to my front door.

I spent some time this morning getting the driveway pile out of my way, something that would have been required anyway to go to work Monday morning. I hope I don’t have to clear it again then.

To raise my spirits, I thought of the things I had read Saturday in the latest edition of NFPW’s AGENDA about our 2015 conference in Alaska. I know it’s a colder, snowier place now than its rhyming state of Nebraska, but I also know that Alaska won’t be as miserably hot as Nebraska when we all go there in early September.

I can’t wait. I haven’t registered yet, but I told our Alaska hosts last September in Greenville, S.C., to count me in for the four-day pre-tour and one-day post tour. I know from AGENDA that they already have some unique speakers planned for the conference.

And, of course, I can’t wait to also see all my NFPW friends from across the Lower 48.

I’ve found over the years – decades – of going to NFPW conferences that the months of anticipation are part of the fun. Part of that is getting more details as the weeks roll along about the learning and fun conference activities from the NFPW and host state’s websites and publications.

I’ve been dreaming a bit about Alaska since last fall, but on this cold Super Bowl day, I vow to really get excited about making plans for the 2015 conference.

I’ll use the dream to help me through the workdays ahead that seem too long and difficult.

So, as a diversion from the wind howling outside of my house, I decided to look back at some Alaska photos I took in October 2011 when I was the new NFPW president and visited the Alaska affiliate.

I hope this one will get you dreaming of Alaska 2015 too!

Wildlife center elk3.jpg