Packing up can mean many things. Moving to a new home, changing jobs, retiring, or even a professional or spiritual makeover that requires storing away old ways of doing things to make room for a new you.

Of course for most of us, packing refers to gathering the necessary things – clothes, business items, camera, spending money, etc. – to go on a trip.

I’m still at the making (and changing) lists on paper and in my mind point in my preparations for the 2015 NFPW Conference. Today’s main Sunday afternoon project is to do what I hope is a final sort of papers for the business meetings to get down to the essentials.

I tend to be a “take along everything I might need” packer, at least in the making lists stage. However, I’ve gotten better at trimming the list, partly because I’ve become a more efficient traveler over time and mostly because “everything” won’t fit in a suitcase and carry-on bag.

The other thing I’m packing up now is this blog, with entry 200 since I started it four years ago as the newly elected NFPW president. After serving two years in that role, I am completing two years as the Education Fund director.

So, while I may keep this blog active and contribute occasionally if I have something to share, I won’t be a week-to-week writer. Also, I plan to ask our next website administrator to remove (or at least move) the link to my blog from the website home page.

That space should be for NFPW leaders who are regular contributors with a more focused mission or who currently are in office. A blog is a good way for our president and other executive board members to keep in touch between the regular monthly eletters and quarterly AGENDA newsletters.

There is not much new I could add at this point and it’s time to step aside.

I’m glad Cynthia Price of Virginia, who served as president ahead of me and continues her informational blog about social media, branding, conducting conferences, etc., encouraged me to start a blog as a new experience.

She and current President Teri Ehresman of Idaho talked me into continuing these past two years, mostly because my more traditional personal column was so different from Cynthia’s and from the “Talking With Teri” blog that has been great in helping us get to know each other better.

I know the leaders we elect in Alaska will have their own unique styles for the blogs they will write.
I can’t wait to start reading them.

For now, I’m packing up. Similar to packing for a great travel adventure, it doesn’t mean I’m going away forever, only that I’ll be visiting with you via this blog only from time to time.